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Ntic Master, discover the best master’s degrees in the UCM. We prepare you so you develop as a professional in the most demanded fields.


For students who seek to work in the digital marketing departments of any organization. They will develop specific knowledge to generate strategies through social media and to manage any type of digital communication channel according to the business objectives.


For students that want to take part in the business management models through big data analysis. The students will be prepared to join and manage teams in this area, being able to participate in the decision making processes that transform this data into business strategies.


The Data Science master’s degree is best suited for those students who do not fit a mathematical /technical profile but want to be trained in this highly demanded field. We will train you from zero until you reach an adequate level and fulfil all the requirements to work in this field.

Who are we?
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Ntic Master

We are a consulting firm specialized in new technologies and post-graduate university training for digital economy professionals.

Our mission is to bring the most advanced experience in the new economy to both the business and academic world in a way to transform them for the better. For this objective the following agents are essential: Professionals with a strategic vision, knowledge and a practical mindset.

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Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Ntic Master presented the UCM with a new generation of post-graduate course that give answers to businesses from a deep knowledge of their reality. This was the beginning of our training program, focused on the most transformative technologies of the new economy, such as digital marketing, big data or blockchain. This training program blends knowledge and experimentation thanks to the joined forces of the UCM professors together with entrepreneurs and professionals of the highest success in the Spanish digital environment.

Our training programs

In 2010, together with the UCM, we launched the first Ntic Master master’s degree, designed to train digital marketing professionals. Its repercussion was instantaneous, filling all places in its first edition. This innovative proposal attracted students from Spain and Ibero-America, but also raised interest in the community of businesses and specialized agencies, that until this moment had had difficulties to incorporate trained professionals to their projects.

This reception confirmed the need for the system of university post-graduate courses to add to their program the most descriptive technologies which are changing business management and business models themselves. In the following years Ntic Master and the UCM kept developing a complete offer of master’s degrees, under the same criteria of offering to the students both theorical knowledge and practical experience and supplying the business world with professionals capable of taking decisions making use of the most descriptive technologies.

What will you learn?
  • Social media marketing and community manager functions
  • Digital and mobile marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Selling on the Internet: Designing a store and product, marketing and tools applied to online commerce such as Prestashop.
  • Learning tools: WordPress, Photoshop
  • Big data and business analytics
  • Personal brand an online reputation
What will you learn?
  • Data mining and predictive models
  • Business Intelligence
  • Machine learning and programming with Python and R
  • Big data technologies: The Internet of Things
  • Statistics fundamentals
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) and noSQL databases
  • Business applications of big data
  • Data science applied to business
  • Text mining and social media
  • Open data
  • Entrepreneurship in big data
What will you learn?
  • Relational and NoSQL databases
  • Programming languages such as Python, Rstudio, Scala…
  • Statistics fundamentals
  • Data mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Text Mining
  • Social media and big data
  • Advance visualization and visualization tools
  • Optimize a model
+90% of job placements

UCM master’s degree with internship

We have agreements with leading firms in the field, together with the UCM, in order to offer our students of the Digital Marketing, Big Data, Blockchain & Data Science master’s degrees the possibility of developing themselves in a real-life working environment, while being tutored by great industry professionals.

Some of the businesses we have agreements with:

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Our professors:

We have top of the industry professionals as professors of our UCM master’s degrees, teaching our students the most updated, quality content that is demanded by the current companies. Examples of these jobs and businesses.


  • Project manager at Microsoft
  • Consultants in Bankia, Vodafone…
  • Big Data workers for Google
  • International speakers

“In Ntic Master we want to be a part of your future, for this reason, even after finishing the master’s degree, we offer you networking spaces in which you can meet other people from your industry. we take things very seriously, and hope you do too”

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