UCM master’s degrees / Ntic Master

Thanks to the UCM agreement with leading industry firms, our students of the Big Data & Data Science, Big Data & Blockchain, Big Data & Business Analytics and Digital Marketing master’s degrees have the opportunity of working as interns, and in this way, develop as professionals under the supervision of experienced professionals.

UCM master’s degrees Internships

Digital Marketing internships

Communication is changing in the business world and digital marketing had grown to be an essential field of knowledge. We offer you the opportunity to discover it by yourselves.

Big Data & Business Analytics internships

Data Consultant, Data Scientist, System manager, Developer of large-scale data systems… these are the roles you will fulfill as an intern with the UCM masters degree .

Blockchain master’s degree internships

Blockchain technology increases the precision of data to unimaginable levels. For this reason, it requires specialist now more than ever. Take advantage of this unique opportunity

Data Science master’s degree internships

Big Data has grown at an astounding pace, being necessary the incorporation of professional profiles of this fields. Doing an internship can become a great opportunity.


Students of the On-Campus modalities will be able to take advantage of the practical program

Each year we set up new agreements with companies from all 4 fields and keep the ones we already have, making sure the students will have a place to develop their skills in industry leading firms.

Big Data & Blockchain master’s degree

Ntic Master and UCM have agreements with:

With all the knowledge acquired by our students during the master’s degree in the UCM, they have the chance to work at leading firms to develop all their potential and start a new career trajectory. In the Big Data & Blockchain master’s degree we have agreements with:

Logo Repsol 1


Repsol is a global energy provider, operating in more than 90 countries with more than 25,000 employees. The have 130 digital initiatives for next year.



A company dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses and organizations. They work for the government, banks, insurance companies…

Logo Cabify 1


The company that revolutionized the way we move with their app. Operating in 13 Spanish speaking countries. This company grew by 500% in 2017 and 2018.

Logo Ogilvy 1


Ogilvy is a British advertising and PR agency residing in New York. It was founded in 1850 and it is still one of the fastest growing agencies.

Logo Nielsen


Nielsen Holdings is a conglomerate of Dutch-US media with home in New York. Nielsen is active in more than 100 countries and employs close to 36,000 people around the world.

Logo Bankinter 1


A leading bank in Spain and part of the Ibex 35. Owner of entities such as EVO Bank. The business keeps of growing year by year.

logo cetelem


Cetelem offers a diverse set of financing options for people in Spain. It is present in 30 countries and has 27 million clients.

logo QueryGo


QueryGo is a measuring platform that measures the mood of organizations in real time. Allowing the firms to identify which are the main factors for motivation and compromise.

logo everisNTTDATA


Everis, from the NTT DATA group offers consultancy and outsourcing services. Formed by more than 24,500 professionals all around Europe, USA and LatinAmerica.

Big Data & Business Analytics master’s degree

Ntic Master and UCM have agreements with:

The goal of the UCM Big Data & Business Analytics master’s degree is to train the new generation of digitalization process technicians. For this, we believe it is essential to intern, and these are some of the companies in which you will be able to do so:


Logo Telefónica 1


The telecommunications giant leader in Spain, with almost 50% of the market quota. They own businesses such as Movistar or O2

Logo grupo cofares

Grupo Cofares

A health products distribution cooperative. The leader of healthcare products distributing in Spain.

Logo McKinseyCompany

McKinsey & Company

A global strategic consultancy firm that focuses on solving strategic management problems. McKinsey works by lending its services to the biggest businesses, institutions, and governments of the world.

Logo Unlimiteck 2


A company builder focused on open innovation and facing new challenges with an entrepreneur attitude, together with the biggest firms and startups in the world.

Logo Kernel Analytics

Kernel Analytics

Kernel Analytics is a company dedicated to offering data analysis services. They work for companies like ING, PepsiCO, Iberostar…

logo BusinessGoOn


BusinessGoOn is a digital technology consultancy firm focused on the digital transformation of businesses. They received prizes for professional excellence and best international partner.

logo santander

Grupo Santander

One of the most important financial entities in the world. Part of the Ibex 35 and considered one of the best banks in the Eurozone.

logo prosegur 1


A leading firm in alarms and security that provides global services to homes, business, and institutions. Prosegur is the third company in the world in the home security market.

logo everisY

Ernst & Young

Offers professionals services like audits, taxes, finances, accounting… EY is one of the called Big Four, the four most important firms in the consultancy field.

Digital Marketing, Community Manager & Social Media master’s degree internships

Ntic Master and UCM have agreements with:

We live in the digital era, that is not news, as Bill Gates said, there will be two types of businesses in the 21st century, those that exist in the internet and those that do not exist. For this reason, the UCM Digital Marketing master’s degree offers you the opportunity to grow in businesses such as:

Logo Linea Directa

Línea Directa

The leader in insurance in Spain. They will have 1.5 million digital clients by 2020

Logo Prisa


Prisa Brand Solution, belongs to the Prisa group and is the advertising firm for Spain and Miami. They have a portfolio with 38 supports that conforms the most complete offer to connect with all kinds of targets.

logo Nh hoteles 2

NH Hoteles

Belonging to the Minor Hotels group. They have a wide variety of international hotels that have made them one of the 20 biggest in the world.

Logo Online Zebra

Online Zebra

A digital marketing agency specialized in SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. They receive a prize by Google for their quick growth in 2016.

Logo Etam

Etam Paris

An Ecommerce for intimate women clothing. Part of the Etam group, which participates in the most exclusive fashion shows.

Logo Dazn


DAZN is a streaming service part of the Perform Group. It is a service dedicated to sports, offering live streaming of on-demand events.

logo Loreal


 L’Oreal is a French firm in cosmetics and beauty. It is the biggest cosmetics company in the world and the one with the most nanotechnology patents in USA.

logo beon

Beon Worldwide

Group of leading firms in integral event, communication, production, entertainment, and tech services. With more than 5000 projects and 150 prizes.

logo manpower 1


The third human resources firm in the world behind Adecco and Randstand. They offer innovative solutions to human resources managements in businesses.


Duration of the master´s degree – 1 year

Online tuitition:

4.350€  + 40€ Office expenses

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