Digital Marketing Master´s Degree

UCM master’s degree / Ntic master

Digital Marketing Master’s Degree, Social Media and Community Manager in the UCM. The goal of the UCM Digital Marketing master’s degree is to train executives fully able to handle communication channels. The students will develop multichannel strategies on the internet, social media and other channels while looking out for their online reputation in order to turn their efforts into business. At its conclusion, the students will be highly employable professionals.

Digital Marketing master’s degree, flexible and intelligent

This Digital Marketing master’s degree is recognized by the UCM, offering 520 hours of teaching time from October to June in the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism. We bet on an executive timetable (Fridays on the evening and Saturdays in the morning) in an effort to accommodate active professionals and to make it easier for our professors and entrepreneurs to be there and share their knowledge.

The students will acquire a strategic perspective of online marketing and the capability of managing social media and advertising campaigns through digital media.

Digital Marketing master’s degree

Participating in an internship is the best way to consolidate knowledge and improve your employability. Thanks to the agreements of collaboration of the UCM with some businesses, the students that request it will be interns in great firms such as Ikea, LG, Mutua Madrileña or Liberbank, and successful startups, organizations or marketing agencies such as Good Rebels, MacGuffin, Yslandia, Internet República, Ogilvy &Mather or Make Digital Marketing.

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Syllabus UCM master’s degree

Online marketing and social media need both theorical and practical knowledge in constant evolution, for this reason the UCM Digital Marketing master’s degree syllabus is renewed annually to adapt to the changing reality of the industry. Our syllabus includes:

Social media marketing and CM functions

Mobile marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Analytics and G. Webmaster Tools

CMS (WordPress & Prestashop)

Strategic plan Ecommerce

Introduction to Big Data

Startup business model design

Online reputation and personal branding

Direction board of the UCM Digital Marketing master’s degree


Matilde Santos Peñas

Matilde Santos Peñas

Executive Director

Jose Carlos Soto

Jose Carlos Soto

Executive Director


Duration of the master´s degree – 1 year

Online tuitition:

4.350€  + 40€ Office expenses

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