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The goal of the UCM Big Data & Business Analytics master’s degree is to train a new generation these essential digital technicians. Their mission is to identify which information is generated in the business value chain and process it through tools and transversal analysis. Following these actionable conduct patterns, they must collaborate in the decision chain to improve fields such as human resources, sales, management, marketing or logistics.

Big Data master’s degree, present and future

Our students are both graduates that want to improve their skills and fit this highly demanded profile, and active professionals interested in updating their knowledge. This UCM credited program includes 520 teaching hours and takes place from October to June on Friday evenings and Saturday morning. It is important to note that the professors develop big data research in the UCM.

Big data is revolutionizing the business world through the automatization of processes, The Internet of Things and AI. It is a fairly new field with a great present and even better future, considered one of the fields with the most job opportunities.

Big Data master’s degree Internships

The UCM internship program allows the students of the Big Data & Business Analytics master’s degree to perfect the acquired knowledge by participating in internships in top firms. This is a great opportunity to enter professional teams of fields like data engineering, data science or data consultancy, which adds great value to any CV. It could even be the case that some of this students end up extending their internships into stable jobs.

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Big Data & Business Analytics training


The students of the UCM Big Data & Business Analytics master’s degree acquire knowledge and skills in the diverse fields and tools that form the reality of big data. They also get the essential strategic vision to direct projects and specialized teams in all kinds of businesses and organizations. Taking this course means learning:

Data mining and predictive modeling

Business intelligence

Machine learning with Python and R


Big Data technologies

Statistical fundamentals

SQL and noSQL databases

Text mining and social media


Open Data

Programming with Python and R

Data science applied to business

Direction board of the UCM Big Data & Business Analytics master’s degree


Javier Portela García-Miguel

Javier Portela García-Miguel

Executive Director

Jose Carlos Soto

Jose Carlos Soto

Executive Director


Duration of the master´s degree – 1 year

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4.350€  + 40€ Office expenses

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