UCM master’s degree / Ntic master

The goal of the Big Data & Data Science master’s degree is to train future big data technicians in the UCM, the biggest in-class education institution in Spain and the third in Europe. The students will monitor and structure the data necessary for businesses and organizations. If you want to learn Big Data from zero, this is your master’s degree.

Big Data & Data Science master’s degree, learn big data from zero


This UCM credited title has a program of 520 hours to be taught from October to June. The teaching hours are set in a way that the teachers can hold relevant positions in top firms and the students can be employed while doing the master’s degree. The classes being Fridays in the evening and Saturdays in the morning.

This master’s degree is designed for those who seek to learn Big Data & Data Science but do not have a technical background. We will train our students from zero until they reach the level required by top firms.

Data Science master’s degree Internships

The master’s degree provides the opportunity to intern in some of the best companies in the industry. Thanks to the UCM and the agreements signed, the students have the option to intern during 900 hours in leading firms such as: Ogilvy, Repsol, Bankinter…Always guided by great professionals, and with time compatibility to finish the master’s degree while developing professionally.

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students trained

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Learning Big Data from zero is possible

The Big Data & Data Science technologies applied to commerce, business and tourism is a relatively new digital branch in constant evolution, for this reason, Ntic and UCM update the syllabus annually, introducing the most industry relevant content. The student of this master’s degree do not need a technical profile. You can learn big data from zero with subjects like:

Relational databases

Python programming

Fundamentals in statistics

Data Mining


Text Mining

SQL & noSQL databases



Visualization tools

Data Science applied to business

Machine learning

Direction board of the Big Data & Data Science master’s degree

The Big Data & Data Science master’s degree was created because of the rising demand of these studies by students with a social studies background. We decide to create a master’s degree where it is possible to learn big data from zero and reach the level required by industry firms. To achieve this, we joined professionals of great entities as professors of this master, this is how our UCM professors are able to provide the most useful, updated and extensive knowledge. Making sure this was the case was in the hands of the directors of this master’s degree.

Javier Portela

Javier Portela

Executive Director

Jose Carlos Soto

Jose Carlos Soto

Executive Director


Duration of the master´s degree – 1 year

Online tuitition:

4.350€  + 40€ Office expenses

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