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The goal of the UCM Blockchain & Big Data master’s degree is to offer an integral vision of the technologies of decentralization, or blockchain, and the analysis of big data. It is an opportunity to become the protagonist of a revolution to come, that demands professionals with a specific training in the most competitive businesses.

Blockchain & Big Data master’s degree, the UCM master’s degree that you were looking for.

This UCM credited title has a program of 520 hours to be taught from October to June. The professors are academic experts of the UCM and some of the most recognizable faces in the blockchain and big data Spanish environment. This combination of knowledge makes the content of the master’s suitable for students who have just graduated as well as for active professionals seeking to recycle. The teaching hours are set so students can work during the week, the classes being Fridays in the evening and Saturdays in the morning, both in the Faculty of Statistical Studies of the UCM.

Experts in the most transformative big data technologies

From financial services to service providers, blockchain is changing the way modern firms do business. It is defined as a gigantic account book in which each register -or block- is linked in a way it can ensure an anonymous and secure transaction, being each user -or node- the one to verify its authenticity. Big data techniques are employed to identify patterns through capture, analysis and study of the data. We have examples such as mass purchase behaviours, market cycles or the steps in a production line, that once identified and analyzed will help the business to sell more by predicting demand spikes or making changes to their logistic structure.

Blockchain & Big Data master’s degree Internships

Thanks to the internship program of the UCM, the students that request it will be able to take part in internships integrating themselves in professional teams that develop blockchain and big data models in businesses and organizations. Examples of these businesses would be: Repsol, Bankinter, Cabify, Nielsen… Which presents an opportunity like no other for the future of our students.

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Learn Blockchain and Big Data

To truly learn about blockchain and big data means to work in fields as diverse ad cryptocurrencies, data visualization or authentication techniques. To acquire this knowledge is easier if you have engineering, mathematics, or computer science knowledge, but it is not mandatory. Out students of the Blockchain & Big Data master’s degree will learn about:

Introduction to blockchain and DLTs

Programming Blockchain and big data connectivity

Machine learning and AI

DAPPs Etereum developing

Statistics fundamentals

SQL and NoSQL databases

Text mining and Social media

HYPERLEDGER development

Python programming

Big Data technologies

Direction board of the Blockchain & Big Data master’s degree

The proffesors of the Blockchain & Big Data master’s degree are active industry professionals, working for big entities, as well as UCM professors with years of research and expertise in the field. Our mission is to provide a wide, updated and useful vision, and the directors of this master’s degree ensure it stays this way.

Juana María Alonso

Juana María Alonso

Executive Director

Jose Carlos Soto

Jose Carlos Soto

Executive Director


Duration of the master´s degree – 1 year

Online tuitition:

4.350€  + 40€ Office expenses

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